At Jade Tea, we bring our specialist knowledge in sourcing the finest handcrafted tea directly from world’s best tea estates.

What distinguishes our handcrafted tea from the rest?

It is in the intricate balance of nature and craftsmanship.

Making tea is a true art

The Grand Tea Masters spend years perfecting world-class tea production.

At Jade Tea, we celebrate authentic and artisanal way of tea making.

All our seasonal teas are handpicked and tailor-made to suit modern taste buds, setting a new benchmark for this quintessentially British beverage.


Art of tea craft

The journey to a perfect cup of tea starts long before we take our first sip



Temperature, humidity, and wind all affect when leaves should be picked – or ‘plucked’ – from the tea bush to ensure optimum taste and aroma.

About Jade Tea

Our Story

Jade tea is a family-run business with unparalleled expertise in tea production and trade, honed over more than three decades.

With direct access to the finest tea estates around the world, we brokered partnerships with expert Grand Tea Masters who oversee the production.

Our commitment to quality doesn’t stop there, however; we have also developed our own patented production techniques to capture tea’s best aroma and taste.

Our mission is to return craft to the tea culture

Our people

Xinmin profile small

Xinmin Li

Since 1980, Xinmin has been at the forefront of tea industry, first at Fujian Tea Import & Export Co., eventually becoming independent in 2002.

He has toured small and large tea estates in over 120 counties around China, and advises top producers on consumer taste and suggestions for quality improvements.

He is inventor of several proprietary tea process patents (CN101189994B, CN101961056B, P6281150), and Certified National Senior Tea Evaluator (China).

Mungyuen profile small

Mungyuen Li Ph.D

Mungyuen is the second generation of his family drawn to the mysterious power of tea.

Growing up in China and Japan, he had exposure to a variety of artisanal teas made in the region from a young age.

After a career at global management consultancy, he swapped corporate title to focus on his passion for craft tea. He seeks mentorship from his father and a select Grand Tea Masters on tea production and evaluation.

Yau profile small

Hin Chun Yau Ph.D

Pairing fine wines with cuisines from around the world has been Hin Chun’s passion for many years. While he was undertaking qualifications in WSET, he was exposed to an array of new flavours, experienced the importance of terroir and how they can be harmonised by a skilful artisan.

More recently, he has taken up his next challenge on balancing the delicacies of fine teas to compliment our most favourite dishes. By exploring the similar complexities between fine wine and teas and setting a new bench mark in complementarity food pairing.


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